The Crescent

What a week! The skies graced me with five clear nights in a row. I decided to go “deep” on a single target, choosing the Tulip‘s neighbor, the Crescent Nebula. I captured over 25 hours of data on this target, mostly during a bright moon. The Baader UHC filter makes moonlit nights still viable.

Guiding was going quite well each night, although one night definitely stood out with much better guiding and data. I guess it really is the sky and not just me. My flats still worked perfectly, with only one set taken for the entire week. I improved the light baffle that I added ahead of the primary mirror in the scope, and light leaks from the mirror cell were totally eliminated. I’m starting to get somewhere!

Beware ye on cell data, this file is 33MB.

Leaving the scope out all week sure did spoil me, I really need to look into building an observatory.