First try at the Sun

Since I left the scope out overnight for a long imaging run, I decided to try the sun this morning. I took 70 images at a fast shutter speed of 1/10 of a second. I used some Thousand Oaks solar film taped behind the peep hole in the dust cover of my telescope. I also still had my Baader Moon and Skyglow filter on the camera from the imaging session the night before. This is a pretty broadband filter that mostly blocks out bands in yellow and deep blue.

I’m not sure if those are sun spots or dust, but it looks neat either way! I also liked how the color balance turned out. It’s very mellowing.

I think next time I need many more images. I’m not sure if the texture on the sun is noise or the actual surface. I also want to try my Baader UHC-S filter, as that might give some interesting results in the Hα band. Perhaps more exposures might reveal some solar flares?