NGC 7331 and friends

I was finally able to process, somewhat decently, the Deer Lick Group from my last outing. A very faint galaxy with many smaller, fainter galaxies abound, this was a challenging target. A collection of 18 two minute exposures still brought out little detail over the skyglow. Taking flats after the fact did not help much.

This image is full of galaxies. Although I didn’t get much detail in them due to the short exposures and sky glow, you can make out a hand full of them in the following picture. These small galaxies are not near the main galaxy, NGC 7331, but are much farther away, between 300 and 400 million light years away. I could not find a distance for NGC 7326.

I will definitely want to try this group again on a clearer night, along with its neighbors, Stephan’s Quintet.