A little better moon sliver

I’m still having some trouble photographing the moon. I’ve fought with being unable to achieve a truly sharp focus, and sometimes having double images present. After flocking the inside of my telescope and being a bit more patient with taking a picture after moving the telescope, I think the double images may finally be gone. However, I still get a kind of blurred or glowing picture of the moon, no matter the shutter speed. I think my telescope might be almost too powerful to photograph the moon, but I don’t really know.

The images I took this time were with a cheap 13% neutral moon filter. I may need an even stronger one, I think. I might just be getting too much light in. It may also be due to not great conditions, such as humidity or subtle clouds.

Anyways, I stacked a handful of pictures using Siril. I then loaded the image in Gimp, messed with the levels just slightly, and ran a couple of wavelet sharpening filters on it. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best image I have been able to get so far.