“Super” moon

Two days ago, we had a “super” moon. It was so bright, I could barely even look at it through the telescope with both a moon filter and light pollution filter in. The camera loved it, however. ISO at 100, shutter at 1/50. The false red color is due to the light pollution filter.

These are some closeups of obvious features. Each image is a handful of six to eight frames manually aligned and then stacked together. I think the focus was just a little better this time. The stacking really helps average out the seeing that was a little bad that night, and it brings some better contrast in features.

These pictures where taken at prime focus, where the camera is directly mounted to the focuser without any eyepieces in between. I was able to get eight good shots of it completely in frame before my fingers froze, and I had to call it a night. They aligned and stacked very nicely, and the composed image really shows all of the features clearly.

The second picture is the same image, only grey-scale. This is how the moon would look without the filters.